Anyone want to share some ideas from the end user?




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    Ryan Kamp

    These are great suggestions, Brian and Sara! I've added them to our running list of feature requests and I'll keep you updated as we prioritize them.

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    Brian Muma

    Hi Sara - I have just joined Grovo this month and would be interested to share ideas.  I have posted on already to find out if user ratings can be submitted.  I would like to know if our employees are happy with the lessons and which ones get the highest ratings. What ideas do you have?

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    Sara Wyke

    Hi Brian,

    Great to connect with another Grovo user!

    I love the idea about lesson rating, especially useful for the Grovo created content. 

    I would like a function where people can add lessons to their own personal schedule. There are so many interesting things that many of our people would like to add things to comeback to later. Perhaps a bookmark system would be sufficient.

    What do you think?


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    Brian Muma

    Hi Sara,

    I like the bookmark idea a lot!  

    As to ratings, I also think that managers might benefit from being able to keep track of whether a lesson or track had any noticeable impact/benefit for the employee.  Perhaps they could rate the lesson for effectiveness for their team. Its very subjective and there would be many factors that could come into play, but I think for a large enough team, a manager might sense some pull through if several of their team were involved.

    Best regards,


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