How do I share a self-enroll link with learners?




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    Sara Wyke

    This is a nice feature - Good work!

    Just one thing, it would be great if instead of being only accessable to those with campaign access, it could be available per track for people to self-enroll directly. Is this planned?


    As it is currently set up, either the admin or creators would have to create the link and then communiate it to employees via email or through intranet or similar. Its a step in the right direction but can be made even more user experience focused.

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    Hayley Elizabeth

    Hi Sara,

    Glad you're a fan of self-enroll links. We're pretty psyched about them too! 

    Our product team is working on enhancing features around user experience but this particular functionality is not yet planned. I've shared your suggestion with our product team and will be sure to write back in here with any updates. Please keep the feedback coming either by commenting on articles, in our community, or via the suggestion form.

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